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The company's prime target is the developement of innovating new sotftware solution for the tourism branch.
The persons behind dlp are besids others Roland Peyer, Dipl.Päd., expert for the United States, Ingo Dreyer, Dipl. Betriebswirt(BA), an expert for software and net-technology as well as Jörg-M. Lenz, Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH), our mangager of marketing and publicity, who's an expert for Australia and New Zealand, too. We offer a seldom reached combination of profond knowledge according to the travel targets combined by technical and didactical know-how.

It's the aim of dlp software & reiseservice, to provide information and knowlege according to the visited countries to those, who are interesseted not only to be in a country but to live ist. We want to offer this informations in a structurated way, are easy to handle. In producing this informtions we are independent. We do not belong to a travel agency nor do we depend on one. Therefore we do not have to support any tourism industry, as it is the duty of convention and travel bureaus. We don't sell holidays. We sell nothing but pure informations.

History of dlp

1992 founded as Dreyer, Lenz & Peyer GbR in Allmersbach im Tal (Baden-Württemberg) - Germany
1993 Travel Info Net Neuseeland - an interactive sales portfolio for the travel target New Zealand, mainly created as a tool of consultation and sales support for travel agents.
1996 Discover Australia - an interactive travel guide based on a CD-ROM. This was made for BRITZ:Australia - Australian's leading promotor for campers and round-trips by bus in german language.
conversion of the firm to dlp software & reiseservice GmbH, located in Allmersbach im Tal
1997 start up of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE - meanwhile the leading information source for information about Australia in the internet in german language.
1998 opening of the Online-Shops as part of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE
2000 expanding of our activity and producing of US-INFOS.DE, as a sister-page of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE.

We cordialy invite you to explore US-INFOS.DE.
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